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"In preparing for battle I have always found that plans are useless, but planning is indispensable." - Dwight D. Eisenhower.

Phase 1 - Basic Training

"Basic Training", as defined by Life.Markers (LM), is a "push-up, pull-up, sit-up, and run-free" assessment of the personal, professional and financial "facts of life" for each user, and that of their loved ones. Answering the LM boot camp questionnaire produces a "dashboard" that mirrors the user's life-span of 100 years. Just as military boot camp prepares the new service member for the rigors of military service, the information and data on the LM dashboard prepares the LM user for better decision-making earlier in their life and military career, which will likely produce the goal(s) they seek to achieve.

Beyond the obvious distinctions, the most significant difference between military and LM Basic Training is that, with LM, the user "boot" is also - and always will be - the decision-maker and the approval authority...commonly referred to as "the commander." It's your life, your career, your money, and it will always be your decision how to use the information and recommendations LM - your staff - presents to as a course of action for each particular issue. In military boot camp, drill sergeants/instructors do everything possible to push "boots" to their physical and mental limits, which proves to the "boots" that they have the fortitude to succeed. Basic training also prepares its users for a lifetime of success, as each "commander" decides on and approves the way ahead to achieve that success.

Napoleon Bonaparte said, "Forethought we may have, but not foresight." Life.Markers is the best tool and process for military personnel to identify and plan for the many known aspects of life-planning, or "forethought", and is about as close to a "crystal ball" as any process can get. Still, while not even LM has the "foresight" to predict the future out to 100 years of age, graduating LM boot camp is the first phase of the three-phase process that will enable better life-planning for the years ahead, towards mission success - achieving your American dream.

Phase 2  Mitigating Murphy

"Mitigating Murphy" (MM) is the heart of the LM motto "stay ready so you don't have to get ready". Upon graduation of LM boot-camp, MM, phase 2, begins with the reconnaissance, surveillance, and intelligence collection against the enemy - "Murphy's Law" (ML). As commonly defined, ML holds that "anything that can go wrong will go wrong" and ML is the ever-present ambush in all aspects of life. Accordingly, ML is always lurking, probing the best-laid plans for weaknesses to exploit. So, MM prioritizes the protection of users first and foremost, by aggressively applying the rule, "the best offense is a good defense".

In all aspects of personal, professional, and financial- planning (ppf-p), MM dives in depth over the course of a 100-year life-span to protect the best interests, as determined by the LM "commander". While the LM staff process informs the LM commander of the many considerations and decisions required for MM, the staff will, at some appropriate point in phase 2, apprise the commander of phase 3, Building Your American Dream.

Phase 3   - Your American Dream (YAD)

With the intitiation of phase 3, Your American Dream (YAD), the LM staff determines how the commander defines that long-term mission...that dream. Once established, the LM staff and process educates, makes recommendations on, and assists the commander in implementing the necessary course(s) of action to accomplish that mission and to make the dream(s) a reality. The LM process recognizes that "life happens" and that "Murphy" will strike at will so, once YAD is implemented, the intelligence collection, reconnaissance, and surveillance process for MM becomes an inherent, ongoing aspect of phase 3.



What  Makes Us Different

Military Specific - Life.Markers focuses on the unique situations one may undergo during a military career. From military benefits like BAH & hazardous-duty pay, uprooting & deployments, to choosing the right retirement, we understand the unique difficulties military members and their families face when trying to plan for the future.

Affordable - Hiring a professional can cost between $25-$150/hr. The Life.Markers Dashboard is offered on a monthly subscription basis and is available whenever you need it.

No Need for Accumulated Wealth - Whether you're in debt up to your ears or have recently won the lottery, the Life.Markers Dashboard allows you to gain control on your financial environment and make wiser decisions based from your unique projections.

Unique to You - No two clients have the same Life.Markers Dashboard. Each client will fill out their dashboard according to their situation. From those responses, the Life.Markers Dashboard will display a forecast of those life events to allow you to make the most well informed decisions about your future, today.

No Hierarchy- The Life.Markers Dashboard will never discriminate nor show favoritism. Life.Markers believes every service member should have access to the tools that help in achieving their American Dream.


How it Works?

Based on responses to the LM Guided Discussion, the dashboard presents life-planning markers in a graph-like, user-friendly format. Clients answer personal, professional & financial-planning questions and, by uniquely combining the depth (within your ppf-p) over the course of a 100 year life-span (across your ppf-p), use of the LM Dashboard ensures that clients are better equipped to plan for the future by making strategic decisions in the future, today.

If the dashboard is aware of certain knowns, now coupled with unknowns (markers/cues), the dashboard will display a generally accurate picture of the client’s status, areas of life and/or financial situation that the client needn’t worry about at the moment, along with areas that need attention.





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Amazing Journey

Building a team is arguably the hardest part of a startup. In fact, the quickest way to kill a startup is to make the wrong hiring decisions. Getting financing, acquiring customers, generating revenue - you just need to be a little smart to figure those things out. But ultimately, the success of the company depends on how well the team works together. At LifeMarkers, we are proud to say we are two veterans, a 30-year career salty Boomer and an entrepreneurial, business minded Millennial - both are committed to transforming the LM Way from the 1980s to today's digital age.

  • Oct, 13
    Hard L pitches to Jason on the history of Life.Markers and future goals.
  • Nov, 13
    Jason designs experimental front end at to capture the pitch from Hard L
  • Sep 14
    Hard L pitches Life.Markers to Startup Weekend Fredericksburg
  • Mar, 14
    Life.Markers files as a limited liability company in the state of Virginia
  • Jun, 14
    Founders select software development team & development of the Life.Markers Dashboard begins
  • Jan, 15
    Company acquired by 3Si Micro Venture & Holdings
  • Jan, 15
    Product development revised to offer Life.Markers Mentor & Advisor subscriptions
  • Feb, 15
    Life.Markers tests beta sales
  • Feb, 15
    Life.Markers test beta sales
  • Apr, 15
    Life.Markers' initial launch
  • Apr, 15
    Life.Markers competes in the 4th Annual i.e. Startup Competition

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